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All things weird and wonderful, all creatures great and small

New and exciting additions in stock regularly, including a large availability to order.

Reptiles for beginners and experts stocked

Currently in stock…


Leopard Geckos

Crested Gecko

House Geckos


Yemen Chameleon

Long tailed lizards

Bearded Dragon


Kenyan Sand boa


Royal Python

Amelanistic Corn

Lava Corn

Hypomelanistic Corn

African house

Desert king

Anerythristic corn


Horned frog

Whites tree frogs

XL White tree frogs

Tomato Frogs

Green tree frog

Tri-colour dart frog

Spiders and Invertebrates-

Indian stick insects

Red Millipede

Gian Millipede

Mantnique Pinktoe Taratula

White striped

Red leg spider ling

curly hair

Red knee

Tortoises and Turtles-

Horsefield Tortoises


Giant African Landsnail-  Albino

Please ring to check in stock.

Madagascan hissing cockroach
Weekly live food deliveries, always including crickets, mealworms, waxworms and locusts. If we do not stock the live food or creature you require then please contact us here.

Live food prices…

1 box £2.50

2 boxes £4.75

3 boxes £6.75

4 boxes £8.00

5 boxes £9.00

Full vivarium kits available as well as separate accessories.